Book/movie review Topic: holocaust

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In her autobiographical novel Still Alive, Ruth Kluger asks us to “rearrange a lot of furniture” in our “inner museum of the Holocaust.” She does not want us to settle down in whatever attitude to the Holocaust we have created for ourselves. Analyze how Kluger achieves this goal through the use of metacommentary and dialogical narrative. Then focus in on a particular aspect of her novel (though you are not limited to just one), for example:  * How does Kluger reflect on the difficulties of telling her story? Of representing  Holocaust experiences? * How does she describe the life in the ghetto and/or concentration camps? * You could also discuss the relationship between author and listener/reader in the text.     What does Kluger expect from her listeners and readers? * How are the Germans represented in the text? * You could discuss the image of ghosts or the recurrent motif of silence. * What does she think about museums? * What does she think about gender inequalities?

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