American History

Unit I Essay Exam: Reconstruction & Rise of Industry

Instructions:  Choose either question 1 OR 2 and then answer #3.

Answer questions in a clear and concise manner. Be specific and answer directly to the point of the question. Utilize all data available including any that you may have obtained from websites. Use the A Pocket Guide to Writing in History as the source of the correct format for citations. You may use “end notes” or footnotes—in other words, do NOT use citations within the text.

Post exam HERE as a WORD DOCUMENT and post it in the “DROP BOX” at the bottom of this page.  While there is not a proscribed length, the exam must be complete and to the point.

Questions: 1. Why do historians identify Congressional Reconstruction as “radical?” To what extent did Reconstruction ( in total) succeed and how did it fail? What is the lasting legacy of the era known as Reconstruction? Discuss ONE (1) specific historian’s viewpoint of Reconstruction.

2. Consider various factors that contributed to the settlement and the development of the American West. Choose two (2) factors and make the argument that these two (2) were the most crucial in the settlement and the development of the West and the United States as an industrial society by l900. What was the impact on the Native Americans, Hispanics, African Americans and White Americans in the West?

3. Discuss the role of capital and labor in the industrial society of the United States by 1900. What is the basic and fundamental ideology of capitalism and how did it contrdict with the princiles of “individualism” of pre-1900 U.S. society?  Give examples of conflicts between capital and labor during the years 1870 -1900.  In the end how and why did capitalist ideologies dominate? Discuss one specific historian’s viewpoint about the growth of capitalism?

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