american correction system

◦Research and explain the purpose of classification in prison.
■What does classification determine?
■Explain the type of information provided by the presentence report and how this affects classification.
■What does classification determine? Provide examples of different state- and federal-level facilities and the types of prisoners they may house, based on classification.
◦Research and explain how incarceration affects prisoners and the culture of prison.
■How does incarceration affect a prisoner? Explain in detail.
■What positive elements exist within a prison’s culture? Explain.
■What negative elements exist within a prison’s culture? Explain.
◦Research and explain how women cope in prison.
■How does incarceration affect women differently from men? Explain.
■What programs or regulations are in place for women that are not offered to men? Explain.
◦Research and discuss different types of rehabilitative programs, restorative justice sentencing, and prisoner reentry programs available to offenders.
■What are the most popular forms of correction alternatives available to offenders? Explain.
■Which of these programs and alternative sentences are the most effective? Explain and fully support your arguments.

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