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Altruism involves foregoing someone’s own preferences and focusing on other people’s preferences. Altruism is basically a mind set where one feels the urge to help others, and if well practiced, it can last a life time of a child. Involvement of children in altruism activities not only helps them learn the concept, but also get to have an experience with it.

In schools, teachers can be of help in instilling altruism in children through having the children interview volunteers in the society. Since volunteers do not need anything to be offered in order to people in the society, teachers can take the initiative of inviting these people in the classrooms and giving children a chance of interviewing them. Through these interviews, a child can get to learn the motivations that these people have as well as the various experiences that these people have gone through. However, it is even better if the volunteers are from different organizations as children have the chance of learning a wide range experience from them. After carrying out the interviews to these people, the teacher can give a chance to the children to discuss what they found out about the activities of the volunteers. Such a move tends to instill a sense of altruism, as they can be able to relate with the experiences shared by the volunteers (Murphy Para 2).

Still in classrooms, children can be subjected to teachings about bystander activities. The importance of having these activities is to make sure that children learn the various factors that influence altruism. Through such efforts, children tend to put into consideration the reasons why people help strangers, while others do not. Usually, this is done through a process, for a child is required to identify a stranger who may be in need of help. After this, a child is required to have a prediction on whether the bystanders are likely to help the stranger and justifies the prediction he gives out. Finally, the children can be called upon to share their findings on how to promote altruism by making a list of the various factors. As a way of ensuring that the children get to understand the importance of having altruism, they can be engaged in discussions and even made to write about development of altruism.

Parents, especially mothers can be of help in development of altruism among their children. They can do these by practicing altruism. Sometimes, instead of sending the child to do some activity for them, they may do them and even do the same for the child. Through this, a child is likely to learn having altruism in him/herself as children are great observers of the things that are happening around them (Karniol 308). Parents and guardians can also be an encouragement to children on the importance of having altruism in their lives. Teachers can also open up a session in a classroom, where the children learn the various needs of the society. Children can also be required to note them down with an aim of discussing them and also determining whether the various needs are met in the society. After determining the various needs in the society, the class may develop a project on how best to fulfill these needs. During development of the project of solving the problems, children are likely to develop teamwork as well as altruism.

Development of altruism in a child can best be done when the child is together with other children. When such happens, children are likely to share various experiences in life where altruism is being practiced or needed (Sartorius 177). Through the above mentioned activities, the concept of altruism can easily be instilled in a child.

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